Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 2017

[Codango: Before you write off the results listed in this link because your host is not in the list… or you may not have heard of these providers before, try to keep in mind exactly how Netcraft arrived at this list. They have literally reached out and touched / queried these providers using the same tests on all providers. This list, although it may have a margin of error – is marketing and hype-free.]

Netcraft: Swishmail had the most reliable hosting company website in August 2017.

It responded to all of Netcraft’s requests from several points around the internet, with not a single failure, and an average connect time of 57.6 milliseconds.

The US-based company provides email and web hosting services based on FreeBSD, and this is its fourth appearance in the top ten so far this year.

There was an incredibly close battle for first place this month, as Qube Managed Services also managed to respond to all of Netcraft’s requests, but its average connect time was fractionally longer at 57.7 milliseconds – less than 0.2 milliseconds slower than Swishmail’s average.

This puts Qube in…

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